Life is a game that you win once you have solved the puzzle of yourself!

Forensic Healing is like being given the answers to an exam before you’re given the test.

What is Forensic Healing?

Forensic Healing is regarded as the deepest, simplest and most effective healing experience to release pain, trauma and stress fast. Forensic Healing Practitioners help answer long standing questions regarding life struggles for those suffering from physical, emotional, spiritual, behavioural, relationship, or financial problems.

Stress is fast becoming the root cause of many illnesses. When you feel stressed you become rundown. When you’re rundown, your immunity drops.

When you remove blocks from your mind and body, good things will start to happen. It’s not a coincidence! I can help you pinpoint where those blocks are, what age they were set in place and then remove them. Let go of what no longer serves you.

Don’t take just my word, here is a testimonial from one of my clients.

“What a beautiful soul Rebecca is. She is thoroughly professional, open and engaging and a delight to be with. I was very pleased with the outcome from my session with her and would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to be free of emotions and patterns which bind you and limit your potential. Blessings on your work Bec:)” ~Carolyn

Scroll to the bottom of my website page, enter your name, email address and the code word SHINE in to the message box to receive this limited time offer.

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