What Is Forensic Healing

Forensic Healing is regarded as the deepest, simplest and most effective healing experience to release pain, trauma and stress fast. Forensic Healing Practitioners help answer long standing questions regarding life struggles for those suffering from chronic physical, emotional, spiritual conditions, and behavioural and relationship problems.

“Forensic” – means the application of logic and reason. It is an investigation to establish facts and evidence around a certain condition.

“Healing” – means to make sound or whole, to restore to health or to original purity or integrity.

Forensic Healing then is “the investigation and establishment of facts and evidence about a person’s condition with a new holistic healing system to restore purity, integrity, health and wholeness.”

In essence, Forensic Healing is about finding ‘clues’ in the body that relates to unwanted conditions and applying specific healing pathways to release it from the body. Forensic Healing Practitioners use biofeedback methods that direct them to information about the client that confirms causes for the condition. Every condition reveals itself in patterns and everything you create is already in your energy field. Forensic Healing will give you the power to change outcomes, change conditions and change lives.

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