I think being offended is awesome. Why you ask??? Because, it shows an area of your life where you are holding negative energy. It makes you feel uncomfortable, and when you feel enough discomfort you may just be inclined to change something within you. An impaired Belief System that needs an upgrade.

So many people at the moment in Australia have an opinion over whether, a young Caucasian boy who dressed up as his Fijian football idol, is racist. I wish these people would question themselves “Why does this upset you so much?” and really look inwards for the answer.

What negative emotion has been triggered? Is it a feeling of Guilt, Greif, Judgement, Worthless? What in your own belief system is impaired that has allowed one or more of the negative emotions to be triggered? Do you have an impaired belief around Freedom, Peace, Family, Change, Power, or Self Worth?

Belief Systems are the so called ‘truths’ that you may not even realise have been ingrained in you, until something makes you emotionally uncomfortable, and then you become brave enough to look within and find out why you feel this way. Belief Systems are formed through conditioning and programming from Parents, Family, Friends, Peers, Schooling, Media & Religion. All these influences shape what you become and what you believe.

Eg. Feeling guilt over the way you or your family may have joked about, or treated indigenous people many years ago. This may not be the case now as generally speaking we are more culturally aware as to what is or isn’t appropriate, but are you still harbouring guilt (or any other negative emotion) over it?

Instead of jumping on the band wagon of negative comments, ask yourself why you feel that way. I think this is an individual issue that many people need to address singularly. Every person has a different reason for being triggered. If you feel Guilt over the issue, you need to work on freeing yourself from the manipulations of others. If you feel Grief, there is a need to nurture yourself and work on ways that you can feel whole, instead of feeling like something is missing from within you. If you feel Judgment over it, you need to work on your own self-worth and self-love. You have felt rejected, judged or criticised by others, and are often critical of yourself. Stop finding fault in yourself and others. Everyday find the good in yourself and others. Choose to love yourself. If it’s around feeling Worthless, you are used to trying to get approval from others as you have low self-worth. People have treated you with little or no respect. You give too much of yourself hoping to get approval from others. Start being your own best friend. Find something nice to say to yourself every day. Choose to love yourself.

There are always opportunities for you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. All you have to do, is know where to look, AND that place is ALWAYS inwards.

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